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Capital Jingle Bell Ball 2022

Sent out on the long walk to FOH once again to look after visiting engineers and ocassionally push faders for 2 nights of pop. Digico turned up with chocolates and mince pies. Only seems fair, we did put 10 of their desks in (they missed a second SD11 looking after system stuff at front of house), and yes it was cold.

Joy Division Orchestrated

Monitor Engineer.

It’s rather good.

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK. June 2019

Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia. August 2019

Perth Concert Hall, Perth, Australia. August 2019

Plenary Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. August 2019

Monitor Engineer for Paul Young

I have spent much of 2019 working with Paul Young and his band as monitor engineer. A combination of touring and festivals in the UK and Europe. A compact touring package utilised a Digico SD9 and Sennheiser G3 in ear monitors.

We concluded with  a short tour around UK arenas joining Cher on her Here We Go Again tour. I won the bigger desk raffle for this run,

Actually we finished at Butlin’s Minehead but let’s be honest, supporting Cher sounds better.

Hacienda Classical

Summer 2018 was spent mostly as monitor engineer for Hacienda Classical. Orchestra, DJs, vocalists, choir, special guests and Bez.

We took a package of over 150 inputs and around 32 stereo mixes into festivals and venues around the UK.  A Digico SD7 at each end (FOH and monitors) handled the job effortlessly. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, we used Digico 32 bit mic pre-amp cards on the orchestral inputs. In answer to your question, yes, they do sound good. 

Back out with Hacienda Classical in 2019.