Alfie Boe & Michael Ball – UK Tour 2017

Just completed the Alfie Boe and Michael Ball tour around the ┬ácountry houses of the UK. Working as Vision Mixer/Director/Crew Boss for newly formed Live Event Productions, this was an opportunity to put the Roe MC7┬áLED panels through their paces. I have to say, I’m very impressed. After many years of fighting to get good pictures onto LED screens these panels are the first ones where what leaves the vision switcher matches perfectly on the screen. The colour reproduction is excellent. I was able to confidently rack the cameras without having to compensate for what the screen processing and panels were doing. This led to consistently great pictures night after night, regardless of the light conditions.


Alfie Boe & Michael Ball PPU
Alfie Boe & Michael Ball Tour 2017. View from vision switcher.

Information for the bored:

Vision Mixer:

  • Panasonic AV-HS410 Live Switcher


  • 3 Sony HXC-100 with Triax and CCU’s for racking.
  • 2 Go Pro Hero 5’s


  • 30m2 Roe MC-7H in portrait format.